The Israeli Chamber of Information Technology

The vision

The Israeli Chamber of Information Technology is a public organization that integrates, develops and represents all the information and communication technology and hi-tech professionals in Israel, in order to create social, organizational and business value, and to become a stable professional home for the advancement of its members. 
The Chamber is the Leading professional organization in Israel and works to preserve and improve the professional competence, status and public and professional recognition of its members based on the synergy and benefits of size embodied in the professional and social network of its members. 
The Chamber also considers its mission to be in connection with and responsible for the entire ICT industry and the high-tech industry in Israel; Manufacturing, services, government and public services, public authorities and the Israeli Defense Forces, as well as among the public and society of the state of Israel. 
The Chamber chose to commemorate the memory of Mr. Shlomo Tiran, one of Israel's IT pioneers.
​The main significance of the vision is to create a "single roof" for all the diverse professional community dealing with information technology: systems analysts, developers, IT infrastructure, information security, quality assurance, data analysis experts and many others. 

The bureau has hundreds of active members, who constitute the elite of IT professionals in Israel.


Objectives of the Chamber: 

  • Promoting the professional, public, economic and personal status of its members. 

  • Determination and recognition of the standards of professional definitions and practices, professional norms and ethics, training courses, certification, development and promotion.

  • Building contact with the community in the development towns and in the various genders to encourage the youth to take an interest in and learn the technological subjects.

  • To strengthen the connection with the faculties and the technological circles in academia and the relevant professional training institutions, in cooperation with the planning and execution of them.

  • Strengthening and advancing the status of high-tech companies, technology centers in business, public and defense forces. 

  • Promoting the public, professional and economic awareness of the importance of high technology in general and of the IT and computer professions in particular. 

  • Preference and promotion of the legislation of the field, its professions and those involved in it, with all that this implies.

Main Activities: 

The core activity of the Chamber focused on the services for its registered members. It includes, inter alia, professional certification as systems analyst and other professions, Seminars and training courses about edge technological issues, mentoring students and career management for senior citizens, Awards and encouragement for outstanding projects and IT managers, Producing an annual conference, and more.

The recruitment and retention of the members of the Chamber includes young population among the students and graduates of the Academy and new target audiences in other fields of IT professions and occupations, including entrepreneurs and high-tech personnel. 

On the other hand on improved channels of communication with members of the social networks, the website and through monthly newsletter by email.

The Chamber's external relations are built based on the professional relationship with the Israeli companies that employ hundreds of IT employees, the IDF, leading suppliers, government and regulatory authorities, cooperation with complementary organizations in Israel and similar organizations abroad.

The Chamber contributes to the community mainly in development towns and peripheral communities, such as Maalot Tarshiha, Kiryat Malachi, Ramle and Lod, in orderto bring the information technology to the young generation who cannot afford to do so on their own. The Chamber intends to expand its activities to additional genders, in cooperation with non-profit organizations and other bodies active in the field
The Chamber fosters the connection to academia, enables it to establish its professional accreditation framework, to build a bridge between industry and academia, to create interest among students and to combine academic research with practical social research.

The Chamber operates by three governing bodies as follow:
The Public Council which includes 31 members representing all private and public sectors Including Academy, top IT professionals and representatives of the Chamber. The Presidency, which consists of 18, elected members, who serve for three year.
The Presidency elects a Board of seven members, including the Chairman and vice Chairman.

Eight committees operate in assistance to the Board in administrating the Chamber.
Key committees are Finance, Professional, Membership and Marketing.


The Chamber acts as an association of non-profit volunteers. All the governing members are volunteers