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The Israeli Chamber of Information Technology

The Vision of the Chamber:

The Israeli Chamber of Information Technology acts to advance society and the economy in Israel through information and digital technology capabilities, and serves as the professional home of the high-tech community in Israel. 


The Chamber is a not-for-profit organization that acts for the benefit of the economy and of the information technology and high-tech community and is volunteer based. 

The Chamber chose to commemorate in its name the memory of the late Shlomo Tiran, one of Israel’s IT pioneers.


To realize its vision and mission the Israeli Chamber of Information Technology operates in the following areas: 

  • Advance society and the economy through information and digital technologies
    Strive to actively participate in vital decision making focal points – in national programs of government agency and inter-agency committees, in public commissions and parliamentary committees – in the technology fields, and the Chamber’s involvement in responses to economic and social issues (expand employment in the high-tech sector in Israel, expand technological activity in the periphery, inclusion of technology studies from a young age in the education systems, regulation and eased regulation, sector coordination, etc.).

    Impact the technological-economic-social agenda, present positions on issues in the media and publish articles, expert opinions and manifestos.

  • The professional home of Israeli high-tech
    Manage and operate existing excellence centers and expand the number of centers with the establishment of new centers – professional communities active in excellence centers and extensive connection of managers and professionals to communities, harnessing them to actively engage with these communities. 

    Expand the number of members from all economic sectors - enterprise entities, SMB companies, high-tech companies and startups. 

    Expand certification variety and scope – design and implement certification programs for the range of professions in the information technologies field, in addition to current systems analysis certification (data science, cyber, infrastructures, devOps, etc.), with certification levels based on study programs and experience, alongside approving certification entities (universities, colleges, training companies). 



The Chamber acts as an association of non-profit volunteers.

All the governing members are volunteers

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