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Center for Excellence | Blockchain


In August 2017, Forbes announced Blockchain as a platform which will serve as the business model for the “programmable economy”, as well as the “disruptive innovation” of global economy. At the start of 2018, this same magazine declared the coming year as the year in which Blockchain technology would be established worldwide, in a variety of economic domains.


This statement was also heard at the meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, in January 2019. Consumers, in every aspect of life, are wasting billions of dollars each year on the costs of services and management of various brokers, among the most prominent of which being the bank. These brokers act as trust bodies that manage the information and funds that relate to the various purchases in our lives.


Blockchain gives control back to the customer. Whether it’s medical records, real-time information on online purchases, or purchasing groceries at the local supermarket, Blockchain is going to change the way we work in the world, and it is expected to have even greater changes than those the internet introduced into our lives. A report by Gartner (2018) predicts that the economic activities of Blockchain will reach 3 trillion dollars by 2030. Blockchain is expected to revolutionize entire industries, among them international trade and supply chain, information security, agriculture, aviation, real estate, health, banking and finance, government, and more. 


A report from the Israel Innovation Authority, in its 2019 predictions, indicates that, “Israel retains its dominance in the arena of global Blockchain, and even leads in theoretical, practicable, and legal aspects related to the development of the industry. The large number of important entrepreneurs in these early stages, as well as increasing the frequency of visits from the world’s preeminent Blockchain investors, serve as an excellent indicator that the local industry is ripe, and on its way to position itself as the ‘Blockchain start-up nation’.”


There is, without a doubt, an obvious need to understand this technology in depth, gauge the opportunities it offers, and challenges it presents. 

Center Chairperson:
Dr. Milly Perry

מילי פרי

Blockchain Center of Excellence Chairperson at the Israeli Chamber of Information Technology, Chairperson of BUG Blockchain University Global. Policy and Strategy Consultant for Blockchain at the European Union and the World Economic Forum (WEF).


Blockchain OG -
On the Shoulders of Giants


Steering Committee Members:

The Next of Everything?


Purpose of the Center for Excellence:

To expose the public and business markets to Blockchain technology. To elucidate the advantages, challenges and opportunities that Blockchain technology presents to the business world, to the public, and to civil society.

A platform for a professional discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of the technology, examples of present and future applications, risks, etc.


Among the Center’s Activities:
  • Establishing a community of leading experts in the field of Blockchain and the forming learning and sharing circles. 

  • Designing a body of knowledge, and a knowledge center to serve as a place for consultation and support of organizations seeking to apply this technology.

  • Transmitting knowledge and collaborating with all interested parties in Israel, through an open and inviting discussion.

  • Continuous and up-to-date learning about what is being done in the globalized world while applying, adapting, and assimilating it to the needs in Israel.

  • Connecting the local hi-tech sector, traditional information technology industry and start-up ecosystem.

  • Introducing technological, business and procedure innovation, for the Israeli market, business as well as private sectors.

  • Formulating success stories, client stories and case studies.


The members of the Chamber of Information Technology are invited to contribute their experience to this distinguished group, so as to expand the discourse and assist your fellows in their process of learning, strategic examination, experimentation and application of the technology in Israel and throughout the world. As well as to refer organizations that apply Blockchain and are involved in international projects to us. 


The digital currency of a central bank is a means of digital payment that constitutes a commitment, from the central bank, towards the holder and can be used by financial institutions (Wholesale CBDC) and the general public – households and businesses (Retail CBDC), in addition to cash and bank money.


Among other things, the benefits attributed to CDBC for the wider public (Retail CBDC) use around the world, touch upon the creation of public accessibility to the central bank’s digital money, increasing financial inclusion and providing access to advanced, innovative and efficient payment systems.


The implementation of the CDBC raises many issues and questions, many of them economic, technological, legal and social ones, causing many countries to established dedicated task forces in order to examine them, and there are many collaborations between different countries and bodies. 


The CBDC IL Forum was established by the Israeli Fintech community and the Blockchain Center at the Israeli Chamber of Information Technology, and is intended on being an open platform for the sharing knowledge for a learning community comprised of technology, business, and policymaking people; a joint learning and professional up-to-the-moment information about what is happening in the world. To facilitate cooperation in the Israeli technological-business community and a broad public and social discussion of this significant innovation. The forum will hold face-to-face as well as online meetings, discussions between its members and with experts from Israel and around the world. 


The forum is moderated by Dr. Milly Perry.

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